Author: Shannon Jacobs

A happy family of four riding bikes through a park in Jacksonville, Florida.
A living room that's been decorated with an eclectic mix of furniture and decor with bold pops of color, based on 2023 home design trends.
Aerial view of Downtown Chicago skyscrapers, lake, and city parks. The overlaid text reads, “Chicago has been ranked the No. 1 Best Big City in the U.S. for 7 straight years! *Per Conde Nast Traveler data.”
A happy family playing with moving boxes while packing. The overlaid text reads, “Minimizing the tears & fears that accompany moving with kids begins with honesty & involvement.”
A happy couple is sitting in their living room among wrapped furniture and packed moving boxes. They’re relaxing while eating pizza. There is a PODS portable moving container in the driveway that can be seen through the window.
A woman is putting contact information from a real estate sign in her phone. The sign says “For Sale or Rent” and “Follow us or call our Customer Care Service.”